The Wonder of Words

During the months and weeks of lock down, I have come to appreciate the value of words. We find ourselves separated from friends and loved ones, and communication is quite different now. Thankfully, we have various media platforms to use to stay in touch with those we love and care about, but it is not the same as being in the same room or space as that of a friend or a relative. I found myself choosing my words carefully while sending messages during this time, as many of my acquaintances and family are struggling with the new norms.

Then of course, when ‘the mask’ became a new member of our daily attire, this took communication to a completely new level. All our emotions remain hidden under those three layers of prescribed fabric. I love to smile at people and soon realized that no one can see that act of friendliness anymore. I know that our eyes are the windows to our souls, but without our lips and our words, do we even know what people are feeling or thinking during this difficult time.

This got me thinking…, imagine a world without words. I cannot even begin to think how lonely we would be if we did not have this form of communication, or how crazy the world would be without it.

Words are phenomenal and beautiful. Words strung together create stories, books, movie scripts, contracts, songs, poetry and vows, among others. Hallmark cards would not exist without the power of words to express feelings and wishes. I am reminded as I write this, that I need to choose my words wisely and appreciate the gift of alphabets, languages and wondrous words. I cannot fathom a world without communication during this very different time of isolation and lock down. Words are incredibly important right now as we have the ability to be destructive or uplifting. May God help us to be aware of what we say and be sensitive to the needs of others. God bless you all.