Grace is a little girl…..

“Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace

Grace is a little girl, who would not wash her face”

These sweet words written by children’s author, Dick King-Smith and taken from his book published in 1992, ‘Lady Daisy’, have been ringing in my ears since I can remember. I have never read this book and as I child I could never fathom the link between patience, grace and a clean face. I need to read this book to finally put this to rest…..


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The Joy of Dance

Ballet_shoes_sketchThe joy of dance….mmm….. There is SO much to talk about….. It is truly amazing what a human body is capable of doing in every dance form around the world. I recently sat glued to my television for the full twelve weeks of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ South African series. Oh my goodness, I never missed one minute of the passion, the discipline and the sheer tenacity of these celebrities and their dance teachers, as they prepared for hours each week, to perfect their beautiful dance techniques. The ever patient instructors endured the grueling hours of training with their untrained and unskilled partners and miraculously formed them and molded them into dancers….. I am amazed all over again at exactly what the human spirit is capable of. The newly created dancers emerged with better poise, beautifully stretched muscles and elegantly pointed toes. Many tears, frustrations, numerous mistakes and hours of repetition eventually present me with the joy of their dance. I found myself wondering many times throughout the series, just what I would be like in their shoes – no maybe not such a good idea….. then again – who knows….? Hats off to all these celebrities who dare to take on this challenge; who step out of their comfort zones; face the ridicule and praise of a nation, to finally emerge at the end of the series triumphant in their attempts and proud of their capabilities – and all of this, to give us the joy of dance….


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My Happy Space

Recollections of discovering my happy spaces on the journey of my life…..

I have always had an immense desire to write and to travel to every destination where I am able to go. Having attempted to write a book many years ago with no publications yet, I do not have any claim to editorial fame or fortune, but I still LOVE words. I have been living with one foot on an aeroplane for the last ten years, waiting eagerly…. patiently for that one door to open to set the rest of my talents and desires free.

I have been on this earth for more than fifty years and time has been my education. I stand amazed at the peace that has only settled on me after living half of my life (so far) and with the knowledge that there is still so, so much more……


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