Love was Born in a Stable

A few nights ago I accompanied a small group of senior citizens to a local church to view an array of beautifully crafted liLove_was_born_bwghts depicting the Christmas story. The atmosphere was peaceful and serenely beautiful and while  meandering through the carefully laid out path, I came to the stable. It reverently depicted Mary and Joseph attending their precious bundle, while a lowly cow peered inquisitively through the door. A few intricately beaded sheep lay on the straw and two shepherds bowed in honour towards the newborn babe. This was such a humble recreation of an event that altered the history of man. Strategically placed above this modest setting were the poignant words: ‘Love was born in a stable’. I was reminded gently once more of the impact and magnitude of the ultimate love of a Father and the eventual total obedience of His Son…..and all of this for the salvation of all of mankind. This was the beginning of definitive Grace.

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