The Healing Hands of Sh’Zen

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Having recently attended a Sh’Zen Healing Hands workshop, I was once again reminded of the importance of touch.  Sh’Zen’s renowned clinical aromatherapist, Tertia Mariott, gently guided us all through the amazing realities of energy levels in the human body and the stark realization that the skin on our hands reveals our true age.

Tertia’s knowledge of the world of essential oils and floral extracts opened up my mind to the wonder of creation and the sheer power of all things natural.  Rosemary is energizing; tree oils have grounding properties; lavender clams us down; fruit oils give the body nourishing energy and ethereal flower oils have magnetic attractions. I could not stop myself from feeling truly privileged to be in the presence of this really remarkable woman.  Tertia’s gentleness and strength permeated the room as we settled down peacefully to learn the art of a healing hand massage using the superb Sh’Zen hand product range.

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We worked together in pairs and comfortably massaged gently fragranced treatment products into relaxed hands and concentrated on pressure points while discovering the exquisite link between reflex points in the hand to organs and very important areas of our bodies. All the while, I realized the vital meaning of sharing the human touch.  I couldn’t help wondering just how many hurting souls out there could be blessed with these gentle healing sessions.  Fragile spirits and neglected hands would find solace and nurturing in this peaceful environment. Once again gratitude overwhelmed me…..but I needed to pass on what I had just been privy to.

Lavender BasketFrom the Nurturing Hand Sanitizer, through the gentle Perfecting Sugar Scrub, to the Treatment Cream working its magic in a neatly wrapped towel, the           pampering continued. My two personal favourites, the Replenishing Serum and the Perfecting Day Cream, rounded off a perfect evening of sheer pleasure in the presence of like minded women, strong in their united faith and belief in a   treatment range that far surpasses any other.

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