Over the last 2 months, various suitcases have accompanied me to and from family and hospitals as my life takes on a new norm of its own. I own a lot of various weekend bags and suitcases and these have pretty much taken their turn in meeting my varying space needs as I ventured along my new journey of medicals facilities and family homes. I battle to travel lightly, but am aiming to be an expert when this journey nears completion.

These travel bags are literally placed all over my ‘happy space’ at the moment, gently reminding me that the life as I knew it now has a mind of its own and best I keep up with the pace….. Within the next week to ten days I will enter an unknown tunnel of grueling treatments and unfamiliar side effects to bust this unwelcome invader out of my body! Yes, as you have guessed, my bags (lots of them!!)  are standing with their mouths wide open, waiting for me to fill them up with sufficient clothing and necessities to last for the duration of my six to seven weeks of medical warfare.

This got me thinking this week….. Suitcases that I have always associated with pleasant memories of exploring new areas or returning to well-known comforting places now have to accompany me on a less enjoyable journey, but I know in my heart that this too will have a happy ending.  My suitcases have always been an integral part of my life. During my years at school I always has an old brown suitcase filled with many articles and brochures that I proudly produced ever time that I was required to present an assignment to one of my teachers. I was often the butt of several jokes about ‘that little brown suitcase”, but it often came to the rescue of classmates who urgently needed information a mere twenty four hours before our project deadlines. In the years that followed my suitcases housed souvenirs, children’s toys, craft items, knitting and sewing patterns, more project matter for my own children and any items that this hoarding heart just could not part with. Am I the only crazy lady who has this love affair with travel bags and suitcases?

I guess not! Just this last week, I was part of an apartment clear out as one of the residents where I work had sadly passed away. Family members had opted not to get involved and staff members very gingerly waded through personal items feeling guilty as we invaded this once private space. Even here were suitcases packed tightly on top of one another containing evidence of a life gone by. We exchanged glances and wondered what secrets and memories these travel bags were guarding. Thankfully it was not part of my job to unearth these items.

About a year ago when we were clearing out a garage to vacate our rented home, we came across two very large antique suitcases, eerily covered in layers of sticky cobwebs and dust. We had lived in the house for five years and had never even known that they were hidden in a room at the back of the garage. The house had been sold and we felt obliged to hand over a sparkling clean home to the new owners. On inspection these cases were filled with fragile antique original paintings and linen with a pungent smell of mothballs.  Our neighbours who had had a close relationship with the now deceased owner of the house were overjoyed at the prospect of becoming the new owners of the suitcases and their contents.

What secrets and memories do your suitcases and travel bags hold? Which fascinating journeys have they joined you on and do they inspire you to perhaps start a new one this year? Care to share?

Until we meet again….

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  1. Hi Laura

    Just love reading your blog !!
    If your heart is as big as your guts, there is a happy ending right around the corner. Constantly thinking about you and lifting you up in our prayers.

    Stay strong my friend.

    God Bless

    The Muller Family

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