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Over the past month and a few weeks I have had the privilege to nestle and heal in a peaceful and comforting haven. Lovingly prepared by members of my family with beautiful images of Paris and the Eiffel Tower (my ultimate dream destination); plumped up cushions emblazoned with French words and artistic designs; motivational quotes and words; a well stocked little fridge; beautifully decorated tins with delightful eats in their bellies; pastel coloured coffee mugs adorned with birds on a curved branches; numerous fragrant candles; a pure white clad bed and all this surrounded by one hundred hearts in a myriad of designs and sizes…… How can I possibly not heal in this ideal environment?

I recall the afternoon a week or so before treatment started, when my ‘extreme room makeover’ was revealed by the whole family….. three over excited grandchildren; three boisterous dogs; all the children and Gail, my sister, with pride and slight anxiety written all over their faces, awaiting my approval. I was totally overwhelmed to say the least and could only really appreciate this sanctuary when I finally moved in here a while later. Only then was I able to explore every carefully chosen item and container and truly appreciate all the love and generosity than had gone into this preparation. This room has represented love, gentleness, abundance and comfort over the days when my body has ached and tumultuous thoughts have rushed through my often troubled mind. Thank God for my caring family…… they certainly created the perfect space for me.

This experience has been a real life lesson for me, in allowing others to pamper me and to realize that it really is alright for me to solely care for myself during this time and to accept help and support from others. I have been left wondering why we often look beyond our own needs and feel obligated to put all the needs of family, friends and work colleagues first? I remember clearly one Saturday morning a few months ago before I was diagnosed, a young friend gently saying that this year I absolutely needed to take care of myself and permit this year to be mine alone. Prophetic words…… I recall becoming slightly curious, as this was a foreign concept to me, bordering on enormous guilty feelings at even daring to venture into such unknown territory.

How much space and time do we allow all others into our hearts and spaces? Are we over obligated to less important areas and are our priorities totally out of sync…..mmm I wonder now more than ever before? To what depths to we have to float down to, to become of aware of these pockets in our lives? I have descended to the depths where I am now looking out for the treasured pearls that I have missed for years….. Are you there too right now?

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  1. Beautifully written, as usual. Laura you deserve all this and more. It is indeed a year in which not only you need to take care of yourself, but to allow others to care for you too. All the love, care, warmth, gentleness and abundance will help your body to heal. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with others. Much love.

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