To Cook … or Not to Cook

Wedding_cakes_bw_cDecisions, decisions…. if I had my way, it would be the latter – not to cook. Today my blog post commences with ’not such a happy space’! Throughout my life cooking has proved to be a necessary chore rather than an enjoyment, an action that has to take place, for the sake of the survival of those around me. Growing up, I never learnt the valuable skills of meal preparation or the absolute joy that this creativity can bring to people. Alas, my job in the kitchen was washing dishes!!  During my high school years in the ‘70’s, Domestic Science was certainly not one of my chosen subjects. I preferred French and History and was bored to tears when a school outing included a trip to a college that promoted the sciences of food preservation and preparation. Life offered so many other avenues for my creativity than to have to plan three wholesome and nutritional offerings every single day.

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